Toogood Timeless and genderless.

Behind the catchy brand name, you’ll find two British sisters, Faye and Erica… Toogood, indeed. Obsessed with lines and garments’ functionalities, they started their collection with coats. Not just any coats, no. Traditional, unique coats, originally designed for workers, and hence developed with a proper use and identity in mind. 

The fact that each of them brought her professional expertise to the table was key to their success. Faye’s mastering of shapes was achieved during her years spent working in furniture design and interior decor, while Erica’s fashion eye results from her work as a theater and Couture designer. 

Out of time, sculptural, and unisex, all Toogood pieces and shapes live to tell their stories. The wardrobe is black or white, cut in precious, raw materials, and perfectly fitted. 

In their eyes, only one thing matters: the piece itself. They've pushed seasons and collections out of their way, liberating their creation from the industry’s rules and creating at will, but also freed themselves from any concern in terms of gender or age restrictions.