TAKAHIROMIYASHITA TheSoloist. Japanese Style, the American Way

Takahiro Miyashito’s name alone has minds spinning, and his personality belongs in the family of such designers able to yield cults.

The Japanese fashion designer’s sharp fashion sense and vision were first noted with his brand Number (N)ine. 

Quite naturally, he started infusing his work with his undying obsession for American culture, musique and fashion. He named one of his Number (N)ine collections “Love, God, Murder" after a Johnny Cash anthology, and one of his hats is an obvious homage to Robert Mitchum in The Night of the Hunter (1955).

In 2010, a year after leaving Number (N)ine, Takahiro Miyashita launched Takahiromiyashita The Soloist, a new label that digs deep in his knack for edgy details - like those used in his previous brand, and yet adds even more functionality to his approach. The Soloist applies its focus on the premium quality of the fabric it uses, on asymmetrical lines, and on reshaping existing pieces. Silhouettes toy with different overlaid  pieces, often monochromatic, and show off their urban twist. With music still at the core of his creation, Takahiro Miyashito multiplies references to Kurt Cobain, David Bowie and Oasis…