Sylvia Toledano Drops of sunlight

Silvia Toledano serves poetry, romanticism and travels on a silver platter, albeit one encrusted with semi-precious gems such as labradorite, lapis lazuli, carnelian or black quartz. 

The designer was one of the first to bring back the clutch into the light. Her take on the minaudières which our grand-mothers held so close to their hearts is quite simply bedazzling, thanks to her notable use of pure crystal gems. When the clutches leave her Jaipur workshops - where they are handcrafted in limited editions - they usually head straight to the most prestigious red carpets around the world.

She’s also created jewels resembling solar amulets, filled with joy and positivity, polished like couture pieces. 

Expanding her horizons, she’s also collaborated with Swarovski and Guerlain.