Studio Wieki Somers Matters of Love

From tapestry to carafes, pillows, plaids, or oil bottles, Thomas Eyck creates historical inspired, yet contemporary thought, decorative pieces. 

Dutch designer and distributor Thomas Eyck heads his eponymous design company. His time spent, in the early 00s, at the Royal Tichelaar Makkum - one of Netherlands’ oldest ceramics manufacture - allowed him to develop his appetite for craft, materials and technique. As an established traveler, he seeks inspiration in every furniture tradeshow and fair across the world. 

Once or twice a year, he extends invitations to other designers – Dick Van Hoff, Aldo Bakker, Christien Meindertsma – to imagine modern domestic objects. Each collaboration revolves around a specific material such as tin, linen, or some extremely solid glass. Amongst his most acclaimed and sought after pieces are most probably his enameled ceramics beetles.