Sawaya & Moroni Conceptual furniture

Lines, curves, colors… a vision and a quest both intricately linked to architecture and pop culture. 

The Sawaya & Moroni conquest begins as early as 1978, the year William Sawaya left Lebanon to settle in Italy where he launched, six years later with Paolo Moroni, Sawaya & Moroni Contemporary Furniture. The duo’s focus is on interior and product design, and they’ve expressed, always, a strong support towards newcomers in the field. They even produce and curate art and design exhibitions. 

William Sawaya enjoys defining interior spaces. So much so, he’s been listed numerous times as a reference in magazines and books on the subject. 

Sawaya & Moroni have collaborated with some of the biggest names in design and architecture, such as Jean Nouvel, or the late Zaha Hadid, with whom they conceptualized the Z chair, a visual trickery with an intricate wavy shape, showed during Milan Design Week 2011.