Roggykei Japanese vanguard 2.0

Roggykei was created in 2006 by Japanese designers Hitoshi Korogi and Keiko Miyakoshi. The dynamic duo has succeeded in blurring the lines between clothing and accessories. With the use of bright colors and metal-alluding materials, they've redefined avant-garde creation. 3D lines dance in space, light yet structured. Korogi and Miyakoshi love toying with curves, hugging the body, and boast overinflated sleeves inspired by the traditional costumes of Japan, as well as puffed pants and shorts. The duo have been creating for private and famous clients, including Lady Gaga. 

Roggykei’s last collection is all about pleats and shapes embedded within the knit itself, complete with shapes, nooks and crannies. The black and white monochromatic play on texture is both as striking as it is astonishing.

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