Rick Owens Sensible Brutality

Rick Owens has always enjoyed strong imagery. From his first collection, called « monsters", to "cyclops" and "mastodon" in 2016, the US-born, Parisian at heart designer creates daring, edgy collections that reflect his artistic personality.

Rock, rebel, disruptive… The spirited Owens doesn’t just break the rules of traditional fashion, he also bends the way it’s presented. His shows cast non-models, including gospel singers and step teams. 

Provocation and nudity, combined with the designer’s sensitive quest for an idealized but lost youth, are intricate to his creation. From black to grey, from white to kaki, he's been dressing men and women in destructured and asymmetrical draperies, with almost tribal inspirations that fuel a certain rawness, reinventing classical pieces. The man is, high and dry,an artist. 

The House now includes two additional lines: Lilies Jersey Collection and DRKSHDW.