Pierre Giraudon Frozen nature

Pierre Giraudon always considered himself a biologist, rather than an artist. 

Born in Paris, in 1923, he studied botany. Settling in Canada in 1949, he spent the following decade working at the Montreal Biological Institute, where he discovered, in the context of his university research, a unique way to integrate plants and animals into translucent blocks made of resin.

Bioplasty was born. 

Upon his return to France, he started playing with this new material, diverting it from its primary purpose. 

He went on working for the French National Education system until the end of the 80s, all the while creating resin pieces, with or without ingredients inside, shaping horse heads, hands, coffee tables. His growing fame earned him prestigious orders for unique pieces from the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, Dior or Hermes, but also for other artists such as Arman, Dali or César. 

Since his passing, his daughter Constance is in charge of Giraudon’s work.