Philippe Di Méo Like a Prayer

Les Liquides Imaginaires originated from the poetic mind of multi-talented designer Philippe Di Meo. 

Di Meo was born in Marseille, studied fine arts and industrial design, before launching his agency. 

A long-time customer of Leclaireur, his eventual encounter with Armand Hadida resulted in a long-lasting friendship. 

The designer has since created his very one perfume brand, Les Liquides Imaginaires (Imaginary Liquids), as a way to reconnect with the sacred origins of perfumery. Infusing modernity into spirituality, the niche label has been crafting perfume trilogies, each comprised of 3 different perfumes which enrich the same narrative and tell intricate and enticing stories. 

His first three trilogies paved the way: les Eaux-delà (Waters from Beyond) revolve around sacred and spiritual notes, les Eaux Sanguines (Bloody Waters) find their inspiration in holy wines, and les Eaux Arborantes (Wooden Waters) act as Di Meo’s personal tribute to wildlife and intangible spirits. 

In the past two years, Les Liquides Imaginaires have released two new fragrances. “Peau de Bête” and “Ile Pourpre” each come as first chapters to two new trilogies. The perfumes, candles and their Perfumum - a sacramental candle holder that reconnects a daily object to its ceremonial task, are testaments to Di Meo’s work and approach, based on a strong sense of the sacred, with rich symbolics, profound humanity and a passion for the Arts.