Phaedo Between art and matter.

Chinese womenswear brand Phaedo was founded in 2014 by Zhuzhu. A Central Saint Martins graduate, he was also the first Chinese designer to successfully apply to Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 2003. 

Zhuzhu has surrounded himself with a collective of creative minds. The Collective's work is a wonderful illustration of how art, craftsmanship and fashion can coexist and complete each other. Rice paper, hand-died cotton… Phaedo uses organic materials and highlights their qualities, some of which come as utter surprises, dying, wrinkling or draping fabrics. Phaedo's first collection, for example, was made of silk and felt like leather. 

« Made in China » suddenly takes on a new meaning, a token of quality and creativity.

The brand’s name comes from Phaedo, a book written by Plato that tells the compelling story of Socrates’ death, and of his last words.