Paul Harnden From Harnden To Eternity

Available at Leclaireur Hérold.

For thirty years, Paul Harnden has been raising the bar when it comes to handmade creation. His timeless and unique pieces are made to last a lifetime, and come surrounded with an aura of mystery, much like the secret patina he makes.  

Harnden started by crafting shoes, the old way, the traditional way, shoes that tell a story, many stories conveyed by a man who loves History. 

His creations draw inspiration from amish traditions, the American Civil War and the pre-industrial revolution. These patinated shoes were the starting point of a complete, sober and tough wardrobe, one with a strong, divergent yet familiar esthetic. 

In 2000, his first collection’s heavy and rugged tweed totally won over John Galliano, who had no idea who was behind the work, what with Harden cultivating a certain sense of secrecy. Galliano compared him then to Greta Garbo, with his unique view on life, that of a free mind, with no string attached. The designer still manifests a restraint in communication, a will to control his image and high expectations in regards to anything he works on. He lives a peaceful life, away from London and retails his creations in carefully selected spaces, like Leclaireur.