Noir Kei Ninomiya Comme Un Garçon

Noir Kei Ninomiya was launched in 2012 as a tribute to Kei Ninomiya's undying romance with black. 

From his very first day at Antwerp’s Royal Academy of Fine Arts, obsessed with Comme des Garçons, their creative process and their collections, Ninomiya always sought a way to get closer to the brand. In 2008, the 24-year-old graduate entered the House as a pattern maker. Four years later, he was appointed head of the Noir capsule.

There’s no doubt that ink black is his color, and yet the designer has painstakingly infused it with a complex message, in various shades. Looking to bewilder and excite the mind, Ninomiya is known for adding unexpected elements which can be discovered in every piece of his collections. Through the radical darkness of black, he has brought depth by playing on textures, by mixing fabrics and techniques in what some consider, almost, an intricate and new language.