Nedo Oriental Nights

Istanbul-based designer Nedret Taciroglu created Nedo in 1980, after majoring in interior design. She has been combining ever since her technical skills and her undying love for fashion, winning the world’s heart one gown at a time, from Bosporus to Los Angeles to Cannes’s red carpet. Amongst her most renowned client was Nancy Reagan, for whom she designed 18 dresses. In 2006, Nedret Taciroglu started presenting her collections in Milano, and has been treading upon the New-York catwalks since 2008, right after being joined by her daughter Yasemin Taciroglu in 2007. 

Under her direction, silk muslin, lace or organza handwoven openworks play a tender game of hide and seek with the female skin, unveiling a knee or an ankle, between light and shadow.

Praised by fashion magazines throughout the world, Taciroglu won the Turkish Elle Style Award for Designer of the Year in 2015. 

Discover Nedo’s evening dresses on Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas’ mezzanine. 

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