Moohong Moohong

Korean label MOOHONG was created by Kim Moohoong in 2013. The doctor in political science turned fashion designer favors ideas and concepts over fleeting trends. 

With abstraction as his leitmotiv, Moohong has created a « tailored streetwear » silhouette, both architectural and experimental. In his collections, he brings together asymmetrical lines onto a monochromatic palette, toying with oversize and drapery. His refined, simple and timeless pieces are a beautiful blend between Eastern and Western influences. Leclaireur has supported MOOHONG’s work since the first collection. 

The Fall/Winter 2017 collection gracefully follows the footsteps of the previous one, and remains loyal to its light grey and peacock blue tones. On the models, the fabric hugs the body’s lines before rising and folding up like an origami. Silhouettes are hybrid, androgynous even, mixing opposite wardrobes with the house’s refined theatricality.