Moncler Down the Asphalt

Founded in 1952, Moncler was born in the French Alps, in a small town named Monestier-de-Clermont which, once shortened, became “Moncler”.

The brand used to be known for the craftsmanship of its down-jacket that quickly became its signature. 

Initially destined to mountaineering and designed to keep away the cold and favor comfort and mobility, these jackets escape their natural habitat in the early 80s, to take over the cities. Faced with a younger, more urban customer base, and a need for innovation, Moncler was bought by Remo Ruffini in 2003 and rose to the challenge with, among other ideas, the creation of various lines in collaboration with renowned fashion designers, such as Thom Browne. 

With an undeniable success story to back their ambitions, Moncler’s down jackets have now become timeless winter must-haves.