Lardini Daily refinement

Lardini is an Italian house known for its sense of casual and dynamic refinement. 

Luigi Lardini was just 18 years old when he launched his first collection with the help of his father, his sister Lorena and his younger brother Andrea. Together, they turned the venture, in 1978, in a thriving family business, crafting the kind of suits that rarely find worthy competitors.

Dolce & Gabbana, Versace or even Valentino have called upon Lardini. Such craftsmanship, 100% Made in Italy, still prevails, and the family has chosen to remain in Filotranno, their home base. 

Their work is divided in several lines: British influences rule the Gabriel Parsini line, Wooster + Lardini tends to cultivate a dynamic and modern touch and, last but not least, RVR Lardini is more outerwear-oriented. Every style is an hommage to traditional know-hows and to specific skills, all infused with the kind of technological expertise that makes each Lardini suit a true signature piece.