Juun.J Streetwear with Class

Juun J graduated from ESMOD Seoul in 1992. Before founding “Lone Costume” in 1999, he worked with a number of renowned Houses. Paris Fashion Week 2007 saw the launch of his eponymous brand. The Korean fashion designer has been busy ever since, reinventing urban refinement with his own personal brand of streetwear, breaking the codes of shape and volume and working with the most traditional fabrics.  

For his Fall/Winter 2016 collection, Juun J brings together his testosterone-infused motorcyclists’ universe and a gender-barrier free world. Reinventing the shape of the technical biker jacket, the designer steers away from the functional and thrives to service the sculptural. Peculiar multiple yoke pants meet light refined knits, with a “genderless” result. Nude leathers, like a second translucent skin, act like surreal ironclad shells, and other tones such as white, black and cerulean or turquin blues achieve Juun J’s paramount results.