Issey Miyake Talking about a revolution

1971 is the year Issey Miyake managed to stun New York with a very first collection and a simplistically yet dramatically efficient concept. Using one single piece of fabric to dress the entire body, the designer took the fashion world, and the world itself, by storm. His striking success allowed him to move his shows to Paris just two years later, and since then, Miyake has been relentlessly gracing us with the unexpected. His undying hunger for innovation led Miyake to, yet again, blow fashion history’s collective mind in 1993, this time with his Pleats Please collection, toying with, yes, pleats, in an unprecedented manner. The last decades have seen him shaping fabrics and disrupting volumes in his own vertiginous way. Horizontal, vertical or wavy, tube dresses, cardigans, and trousers are hand-pleated with a press, creating permanent, washable and no-need-for-ironing pleats. His small miracles lead the way each new season. 

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