Hugh Findletar Headz in the game

Photographer Hugh Findeltar, fueled by his passion for the language of flowers and such arrangements, and having crossed paths with Murano's glass blowers, brings us his “Flowerheadz” series. 

Born in Jamaica, trained in New York, Findletar settled in Italy 20 years ago. In 2008, his encounter with Murano’s universe and their talented glass blowers was so mind-shattering he's been working with them ever since. Together, they’ve been shaping eternal faces, ready to welcome ephemeral floral arrangements that take on new expressions and meanings. Behind Flowerheadz per se, there is Oscar Zanetti - acclaimed as the world’s most skilled glassblower - and Findletar’s various influences. Empty, the vases come as reminiscences of Ancient Greece, of Eritrea, of Roman chalices. Once filled with flowers, they reveal their baroque inherent nature. And power.