Horisaki Nature's own rythm

Made the artisanal way in a farm set 200 kilometers away from Stockholm, Horisaki hats are as pure as they are refined, and imagined like works of art.

Before switching to headgear, Makoto Horisaki used to create jewelry in the Swedish capital, where he met his partner, Karin, the then-official Sweden Royal Court hatmaker. 

Each piece demands several weeks of work, a testament to the couple's taste for estheticism. They craft each hat with clear, sharp, destructured yet always mastered cuts. The handpicked skins - rabbit and beaver - are treated the “old-fashion way”, first burnt then wet, to give them a crude, raw look, at times solid, at other, supple. The cherry on top? A potent vintage look, given by a meticulous patina application.