Herno Chase the gloom away

Take away Herno's H and you have the name of the torrent that crosses Lesa, where it all began. Herno was born under Italy’s rainy sly in 1948. Details are so important for Giuseppe Marenzi and his wife Alessandra Diana, they used one of Maggiore Lake’s banks meteorological elements as the centerpiece of their brand. 

Created in a cold and humid region, Herno stands out with its utilitarian shaped outerwear pieces: ultra-light anoraks, trench-coats and down jackets were so striking that Herno was one of the first Italian brands to open a flagship in Japan. And when Claudio Marenzi inherited the family business, he went back to its roots: the raincoat. 

Herno’s latest collections are available at Leclaieur Champs ElyséesSévigné, Boissy d’Anglas