Guidi The Footsteps of the Great

For the last 120 years, the shoe-making house Guidi has being passed from one family member to the next, ensuring that the story remained true to itself. After Giovanni Rossellini, Gino Ulivo and Guido Guidi founded the tanning house, in 1896,  each succeeding generation stayed truthful to its origins, in Pescia, preserving the creations’ renown, craft, and unicity. Today, Ruggiero Guidi runs the show, with pure passion as well as an utmost respect for tradition, and a deep understanding of modern technics. As a result, the House’s acclaimed leathers are featured within the work of Fashion’s major figures. 

Guidi’s name brand shoe collection has inherited the tannery’s spirit: steering clear from mass production, Guidi creates strong bonds between their pieces and their owners, with shoes conceived and shaped traditionally, that are as light as they are modern. 

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