Greg Lauren Go West

A painter, a philosopher and a Princeton History major, Greg Lauren was born with a free mind, eager to broaden and embrace his take on the world. With history in mind and in his heart, Greg Lauren’s fashion sense certainly runs in the family. And yet, the designer’s talent is what allowed him to own it, grow it and expand it. His passion for military references led him to spend endless hours in army surplus shops, in search of perfect pieces he would then proceed to tear appart before giving them a second life though his deconstructed, bohemian and raw vernacular. Ralph Lauren’s nephew grew up surrounded with fashion, style and beauty. A childhood viewed through fashion’s prism, until he discovered History and, with it, iconic authors like Hemingway. After graduating, he pursued a career in the Arts, and was once again confronted with the urgent call of fashion: for the purpose of an art show, he eventually found himself painting and assembling suits made out of paper. 

Greg Lauren and Leclaireur’s relationship has grown over the years, and allowed strong collaborations, on Shigoto Project and Leclaireur X, for example.