Fob Paris The future, now

Since 2012, FOB Paris has been an invitation to travel through time, extended by three engineer friends sharing a passion for technicality and creativity. 

These French watchmakers ally ancestral craftsmanship with a unique, edgy and futuristic look, inherited from our grand-fathers’ fob pockets, with deep black tones. 

FOB Paris divides its made-in-France creations in two lines which share similar esthetics: geometric, modern and sophisticated. The Avant Garde line is all about concept and experimentation, while Chronology, timeless and based on technique, sees the past meet the future of horology, in a never-ending automatic motion. 

From one  season to another, FOB Paris opens new doors and diversifies styles. As fobs, first, then fastened on cuffs, before finding the watchband that felt just right. In time, leather bands get smaller, loops multiply around the wrist to hold a smaller frame, keeping the brand's origins in sight - fob first, always, and thumb wheel on top.