Faliero Sarti Let there be Sarti

Since 1948, Faliero Sarti has been known as one of the greatest Italian textile producers. His granddaughter, Monica Sarti, grew up by his side, in his factory’s spinning mills, surrounded by yarns of wool and thread.

Later, she got to visit all and every trade show, alongside her father before moving to New York at the age of 20, to pursue her training with Anne Klein and Donna Karan. Following the call of her heart, and her ambition, she eventually went home, to Italy, and to the family company.

By the early 90s, just as fashion was experiencing major changes, Monica took on a rather unexploited field, one that most considered old-fashioned - scarves. Longing to reinvent their very concept, she made it her goal to dote them with a new, vibrant youth, and started by offing their fringes. She then softened them, using the most refined textile possible: a unique blend of cashmere. Her family and the public immediately fell in love with Sarti's work. By now, these scarves have become the House's trademark, and a synonym for lightness and warmth combined