Di Liborio Modern Mythology

Di Liborio is an Italian brand created by Liborio Capizzi and his right hand, Giorgia Mattioli. Di Liborio’s esthetics set him apart. The designer’s use of intense of black and white, infused with intense light, adds to the pieces' inherent ambivalence. In his creations, he blends elements: the old and the modern, the sacred and the profane, the punk and the refined. Di Liborio questions attitudes by transgressing the codes, building a bridge between two opposite worlds. 

Liborio Capizzi grew up in Tuscany, where he graduated from the Fine Arts Academy. He spent 16 years working alongside Gianfranco Ferré, before starting a new personal chapter in is life, traveling constantly, each journey becoming an opportunity to meet new people and expand his craft, ranging from scenography to costume design. 

He is now based in a loft in Milan, which serves both as his home and a workshop. This curiosity cabinet of sorts proves a constant and infinite inspiration source for the shows and clothes he designs. His modern, mythological pieces are100% made in Italy.