Deepti Transgression

D E E P T I  is a clothing line, midway between handmade and industrial. 

In 2005, after graduating in Menswear Fashion Design from Central Saint Martins in London, Deepti Barth joined Carol Christian Poell, with whom she worked until 2012. Her developing interest for photography and video production leads her to work on light, shadow and, most of all, transgression. These recurring themes in the designer’s work culminate with an exclusive exhibit, “Transgression”, presented exclusively at LECLAIREUR. 

The German-Argentine fashion designer presented her first menswear collection in Paris, during Fall/Winter 2014-15. 

The  D E E P T I  line gathers exclusive materials, assembled with novel technics, such as pure liquid silver mixed with wool, creating a material that oxidizes with time. Deepti Barth molds her creations instead of sewing them, using a unique system of fabric vulcanization. 

D E E P T I's shirts, jackets and coats are all limited editions. Some of her pieces are sculptures, only meant to be displayed, like the Crash Glass Suicide Vest, a shattered glass vest, shown at LECLAIREUR Hérold in June 2016.