Cherevichkiotvichki Echoes in the Eastern wind

Self-taught shoe and accessory designer, Victoria Andrejeva, created Cherevichkiotvichki.  « Tcherevitchki ot Vitchki » when said in a childish way, means « a shoe by Victoria » in Slavonic language.

Andrejeva compiles countless hours of research to obtain her one of a kind patina and meet the quality standards of a Cherevichkiotvichki shoe. Her palette ranges from brown to bronze and white, including a shade of vivid blue reminding the Klein blue. 

The designer grew up in Lithuania, surrounded by the remains of the recently fallen USSR, and carried a the cultural renewal reviving the Baltic states. Intrigued by the disappearance of the utilitarian lifestyle, she used childhood memories to create shoes evoking passed or fantasised times.

Her mind-bending shoes, boots and handbags made in Italy in limited quantities have gained her worldwide recognition. Her art installations, as well as her acclaimed collaborations with Yohji Yamamoto, have also allowed her to widen her fan base.