Carol Christian Poell The secret

Available at Leclaireur Hérold

Carol Christian Poell is a true, depth-of-the-soul artist, and one to cultivate a fierce sense of secrecy, if anything else. Austrian-born, trained as a tailor in Vienna, he now lives and works in Milano. There, he conceives each and every single one of his pieces, from his astonishing shoes to his jackets as black as the darkest Edgar Allan Poe nights, like parts of himself and of his life. Some of those pieces, he will share, others, not; some he will produce to sell, others, not. Free from the seasonal rythm of fashion, the artist shows his work when he feels like it. His wardrobe is a mix of avant-garde, rock rebellion, it’s dark, purposefully patina-worn, it’s also bold, inspired and inspiring. Along his side, we enter a futuristic world, reminiscent of the past, where a certain sense of classicism meets and nurtures our inner dark side. Off the record and just between us, it should be known that the intimate niche label has a growing cult following.