Boris Bidjan Saberi Futuristic minimalism

Fashion designer Boris Bidjan Saberi was born in 1978, of a German mother and a Iranian father, a dual influence which has molded the designer's aesthetic, between the West and the East. 

While studying in Barcelona in 2003-04, he launched a leather accessory line named “UCANFUCKW”.

In 2007, he founded his brand, taking streetwear to new heights, infusing it with his edgy vision of the body and the clothes it deserves. A Boris Bidjan Saberi collection is always marked by uniquely composed and simple aesthetics, and by functional, futuristic refinement. His language is based on supple fabrics, asymmetric cuts, and tells the designer’s stories in dark black and grey inks, exploring other tones such as primitive ochre and off-white pigments. 

Handmade in his Barcelona studio, his collections have blown minds away during Paris Fashion Weeks, and the French Federation for Couture, Ready-to-Wear, and Fashion Designers hailed his name in 2014.

Boris Bidjan Saberi and 11 by Boris Bidjan Saberi are available at LECLAIREUR Hérold.