Blackbody Light Shapers

OLED nanotechnology allows the most creative minds to respond to the most limitless of imaginations, with  sculptures of organic light.

Blackbody is a French collective specialized in the creation of lighting systems using today's OLED technology, one of the most effective light sources. The diodes are 100% recyclable and economical, they don’t overheat, they dazzle without blinding. As leading technology and research expert, Blackbody has been using OLED as a material for artistic creation.

The collective is known to collaborate with famous designers, such as Thierry Gaugain who created a massive ceiling luminary with rain-like light. Blackbody designs can be customized to any location. The Wish Tree, with its geometrical albeit organic shapes, is visible in Verona, Italy. Among the most expressive creations using the OLED lights, bell-shaped and floral luminaries are sure to strike one’s curiosity. In Paris, a spectacular piece illuminates Leclaireur Herold’s No Name Kitchen.