Ben Storms Mirrors & Marble

Ben Storms is a Belgian designer who thinks in terms of matter. He starts with one material and looks at it objectively. This organic and unlimited approach allows him to capture every single possibility the material has to offer.

Storms then creates a rather surprising language of form. He loves the wonderful imperfections of raw material and works using techniques that can’t be fully controlled, like freely blowing metal without the use of a mould. This is the link between his craftsmanship and his most innovative techniques — the final result is magical.

His most recognised work up to now is the marble trestle coffee table InVein, a table with a plus. Starting with Gris des Ardennes marble, Storms applied unusual techniques, thorough research and very meticulous handiwork, until the material was manipulated to its thinnest possible size. The table top can be turned over, to double as a mirror and decorative object. In 2015, he was awarded the Henry Van de Velde Prize for InVein. For Storms, who seeks to captivate, design must have ecological and social relevance. Everyone has their own responsibility, and durability is the essence.

March 2016, Ben Storms won the Best Contemporary Design Prize at PAD for his InVein table, presented by Leclaireur.