Atelier Buffile Sunshine on a platter

Since 1945, the Buffile Family has worked with ceramics and handcrafted tableware, in Aix-en-Provence. Founded by his mother and now run by Vincent Buffile and his wife Monique, Atelier Buffile creates pieces that carry both utilitarian and decorative qualities, infused with the French Riviera sun, and its colors, ranging from red to yellow to the oh so Mediterranean blue. Their plates, bowls, carafes with refined shapes and lines, almost primitive, instinctively charming, caught Leclaireur's eye. 

These unique and limited edition pieces, destined to art boutiques or galleries, even won over the Picasso Museum in Paris leading to a collaboration between the two, with a series of Atelier Buffile's creations that feature some of the Master's paintings.