Artselab 50 shades of black

After 20 years spent working in the industry for various Italian and international designers, Balestra decided it was time for him to launch his own brand.

Much like Pierre Soulages, shoemaker Giuliano Balestra has been shaping black in every tint, shade, range and depth there is with his brand Artselab. 

The label reunites everything an Italian shoe-designer could hope to be. It is both refined and sharp, traditional and modern. Each handcrafted piece is made in Italy, alongside craftsmen who have kept intact their ancestral knowledge. 

The house mantra, “fashion fades, style is eternal”, borrows from Yves Saint Laurent’s, and offers a perfect depiction of his collections. Infusing creations with a potent, vivid rock’n’roll vibe, Artselab also takes a precious, electrifying and definite stand.