Aristide Najean When glass flows naturally

A complete and complex artist, a painter, devoted to philosophy and books, Aristide Najean started his journey with Parisian engraver, Maestro Maurice Felt, who specialized in intaglio. At an early age, Najean discovers Murano and its community of glass-blowers. He’s 22 years old when he moves there, settling permanently, becoming a true Muranese artist, blowing and firing his own glass.

In Murano, Najean meets Starck, who shares with him a love and a fascination for fruitful and curious artists, among which Antoni Clavé and Claude Garache, of the Maeght Galery. Of this encounter, many creative pieces come to life.

Since then, Aristide Najean has worked with the Royal Monceau in Paris, for the Palazzo Grassi in Venezia, or with Baccarat, even.