Ann Demeulemeester Light & Shadow

Poetry, Rock n'Roll, a pinch of rebellion and a penchant for the dark side of life… If Patty Smith was a clothing designer, no doubt she would have sketched her collections like those of Ann Demeulemeester, her sister in spirit. The Belgian designer, one of Paris Fashion Week’s hottest since 1992, launched her own label in Antwerp in 1985. Since her very first collection, she’s gone straight to her point and imposed her very intimate vision of fashion and life: rebel-rock, with a taste for romanticism, and a boyish feel with hints of transparency. A wardrobe based on black and white, superpositions, with a poetic play on shadows and lights, for Men and Women. Her creations have become steadfast classics, such as her motorcycling jacket and her long skirts. In 2014, Ann Demeulemeester left the creative direction of her eponymous house to entrust it into Sebastien Meunier’s gifted hands.