Aganovich Moon strike

Aganovich was born from the love story between globetrotter and writer Brooke Taylor and Central Saint Martin’s graduate Nana Aganovich. From the get go, they chose to share their private and professional lives. Shaping hand in hand a new world based on their conjoined love for storytelling, they infuse their work with their common belief that constant change in setting is a secret to creating a happier life. 

From sketch to hem, their focus is more on the beauty found in movement than in the gesture itself. They chose to settle in Paris, inspired by everything the city represents, as a home to Fashion, and as the harbor of a certain rebellious philosophy, which suits the couple known to steer clear from the industry’s ground rules. They present garments like one would enunciate phrases, ready to be pieced together in order to narrate mysterious, poetic, somehow dramatic stories.

In November 2014, Aganovich was invited to join La Chambre Syndicale du Prêt-à-Porter des Couturiers et Créateurs de Mode’s members.