Ado Chale Vulcan’s precious gems

Adolphe Pelsener, aka Ado Chale, was born in 1928 in Belgium. In the 50s, during a trip across Germany, the self-taught blacksmith discovers mineralogy. 

He got started by creating pieces of hammered jewelry but quickly switched to tables with marcasite ingrained ciment trays, relentlessly chasing rocks to the very foot of Northern French cliffs. 

During the 60s, Chale developed his style as he traveled the world – from Arizona to India, from Afghanistan to Madagascar – pursuing semiprecious stones to embed them into epoxy resin. Emphasizing the furniture he creates with fossilized sequoia wood, chalcedony agate, rhodochrosite, lapis lazuli, turquoise, amethyst, amongst other, awarding preciousness and modernity to his artistic designs. 

Alongside his mosaic trays, Ado Chale crafted cubic polychromatic sculptures. In the 90s he shifted his creations towards new natural materials such as mother-of-pearl, bones and even peppercorns. 

He took part in the 1967 International and Universal Exhibition in Montreal, showing in the European Pavilion.