A New Cross Sharp like black

Colombian brand A New Cross was founded in 2009 by Vanessa Gomez & Nicolas Rivero. Both leading figures of the underground local scene, they've forged a dark and minimalistic esthetic, somewhere between industrial and post-punk fashion. Handcrafted, A New Cross follows traditional technics to design fitted and asymmetric clothing, for men and women, with overlays of fabrics and subtle draping, for comfort and protection. 

The brand creates its own fabrics, such as leather and organic cottons, constantly on the lookout for new materials to enrich their creations. 

Every detail counts, every step is thought through. The pockets, invisible to the eye, are just one example of their approach.

A New Cross presents a monochromatic palette, with a potent black preeminence, to focus the attention on construction and execution. 

Amongst their inspirations, Carol Christian Poell, Boris Bidjan Saberi, Maurizio Amadei and Sruli Recht come to mind.