A Dose of Something Good A Scent of the Past

A Dose of Something Good has been creating outstanding candles since 2010. 

It all started with a love story. When Robert Upton sought the perfect scented candle for his exceptional wife, he came home empty-handed. 

If only to ease the frustration, he decided to take on the world of niche candles, with a collection that highlights the nose as its radial point. 

These limited edition candles are handmade in Singapore, where Upton resides. The high-end wax blend has been casted in ceramic jars, topped with a nose-shaped lid, produced in collaboration with the highly reputable Belgian company Serax.

When the seven candle collection made its debut at Tranoï Perfumes in New York in 2016, its regressive and evocative qualities were met with immediate success.