2saints 2SAINTS, 2 identities, 2 nationalities, 2 crafts… 2 lives.

The luxury jewelry and accessory brand 2Saints was founded by George in 2014, and is commercialized by Tournaire.

George created 2Saints with his father in mind, who spent his life as a working man by day, and a blues drummer by night. The father's lifestyle must have inspired the son. George is, in the light of day, a French-American illustrator/designer in a specialized agency in New York and, come nightfall, a composer and musician.

All his jewelry pieces, the rings and other cufflinks, are infused with a virile imagery that comes complete with skulls, eagles, and car engines. George has entrusted Philippe Tournaire with the manufacturing itself, Tournaire being one of the last true jewelry makers to work with silver and gold. French refinement and American vitality meet with a buoyant quality.