08 Sircus Vintage Modernity

08 Sircus is the crosspoint between modern-crafted, military-inspired garments and traditional aging techniques. 

Kiminori Morishita created the brand in Tokyo, showing his first collection for Spring/Summer 2010. 08 Sircus – the name stands for Sir and Cus-tomer – is at that wonderful cusp that merges the vintage and the contemporary. Twisting his classical cuts with a retro side to them thanks to vintage-looking fabrics, Morishita presents pieces like one would, memories. The fitted refined lines are imagined to enhance the silhouette. One detail has become a signature of sorts: his jackets and coats all boast short sleeves that unveil the wrist. 

Fur for men and a sense of utter refinement at its easiest are what defines 08 Sircus’ Fall/Winter 2016 collection. Polymorphic blazers flirt with cardigans, chino pants come enriched with biker pleats, hoods grow on the woolen straight coats. Layers multiply soberly, collars see doubles, coats’s sleeves shorten and flare out. The 08 Sircus man makes sure to sprinkle just the right touch of audacity in his otherwise classical wardrobe.