YOHJI YAMAMOTO – The Time Shaper

Black, impervious, just like a screen, reflecting multiple figures, a monochromatic phantom, drifting between reality and reverie. This is how Yohji Yamamoto molds timeless silhouettes. Shaping spaces and leaving space for the body to express itself, protected by a thousand layers of noble fabric, while still searching for a natural, yet sophisticated allure.

When he started crafting coats in 1977, the Japanese designer’s driven and rebellious goal was to allow women to embrace the masculine wardrobe. By abstracting the body with refined shapes of black, Yamamoto has succeeded in surrounding the figure with dreams, setting free his creations from any trend to follow. With his ruptured lines and asymmetric constructions, he questions the true nature of beauty. Confident, accessible, draped in mystery, the Yohji woman is collected and self-contained, which suits her perfectly.planche3

Yohji Yamamoto Collection

A multiplied feminine vision that plays with the complexity of the being, rolling up the sleeves of a shirt as loose as it is light, her movements are liberated. The Japanese master knows how to chose fabric, such as silk – woven by the Chiso familial factory, which specialized in creating religious attire when it first opened in 1555. In the hands of Yamamoto, the past and the present come together, silk connects with neoprene for a steady, consistent refinement marked with movement and continuity, from dusk till dawn.

The sun caresses her skin. Draped in black, she attracts energy, soaks up the light. Magnetic, draped in her second skin on, she sparkles in a glimpse of femininity, evoked with subtlety and humility, leaving her imprint in the memory of time.