Shall We Dance #35

Effervescent 2016 is barely underway and we’re on the move, looking to express the emotion, creatively as much as physically, inspired in us by the designers who run with LECLAIREUR.
They vibrate, they flow, they cross boundaries.

Who better to incarnate this liberty than dancers Anna Fayard and Christian Bourigault, two sparkling, stellar beings whose chemistry goes straight to the heart? Under the direction of photographer and videographer Alessandro Tinelli, LECLAIREUR Boissy d’Anglas becomes their playground, and their style, a dream. These bodies, both grounded and in flight, bring spectacular dimension to the gorgeous pieces created by Thom Browne, Martin Margiela, Yohji Yamamoto and Maison Rabih Karouz.

For Anna and Christian, who’ve already danced together in performances, this editorial video is a first. Their harmony, their synchronicity, project such purity of movement and life-force, it gave all the participants in this adventurous project the joyous chance to journey with them.

PS: This is LECLAIREUR’s 35th year of bringing us avant-garde design, director Alessandro Tinelli turns 35 and Christian Bourigault marks his 35th year as a professional dancer. The coincidence was too beautiful to ignore, and is surely just the beginning of 2016’s festivities.


“I was very sensitive to the requirements, the respect and passion of LECLAIREUR. Being filmed by Alessandro was an intimate experience, a source of joy “in being”, while the conditions and the attentiveness of all involved were so encouraging, in terms of play, and the movement’s creation.” — Anna Fayard

“My encounter with LECLAIREUR has been a beautiful and happy surprise. Time slowed down. I so enjoyed getting into these very singular pieces, imagined by artists who dare to counter and skirt convention, who have fun, invent, with such taste and finesse, and I appreciate that, too. This new experience, so human, so simple, was unforgettable.” — Christian Bourigault.


Shall we dance #35

Produced by La Frenchy for LECLAIREUR + Attoyo
Directed by Alessandro Tinelli

Creative direction & Story: La Frenchy for LECLAIREUR / Mary-Noelle Dana, Michael Hadida, Dara Lynn Schlissel
Assistant Director: Fosca Toth
Music: Good (LECLAIREUR remix) by HNNY
Choreography/Performance: Anna Fayard & Christian Bourigault
Music supervision by Ohlogy!

About the performers…

Trained in the school of Brigitte Assselineau, Anna Fayard touches the fragility and the nudity of our bodies through the gestures of dance, so subtly taken in her bifurcated and paradoxical movements. Via this axis and action, she observes dance and approaches her gestures: the beauty, at once ancestral and innocent, of a raised arm, an inclined head, a foot that’s posed on an invisible surface, all allowing us to see the possible movements of our bodies in thought, in a most mysterious space.

Christian Bourigault trained in the schools of Trisha Brown, Alwin Nikolais and Michel Hallet Eghayan. His unique physical expressions led him to get involved in the movement known as “the new French dance of the 80s”. Today, this choreographer is also a mediator and teacher, and he loves working as much with experienced and professional dancers as he does with beginners, proposing engaged performance forms in public spaces across a variety of platforms.