Litkovskaya – Harmony in contrasts

Lilia Litkovskaya weaves strong and soft together for ultimate woman-with-purpose wear.

A long, straight skirt made of a velvety sequin field. A nubby silk-blend cropped sweater, with only one very long sleeve. Texture meets structure meets “wait, what?” in the daring, thrilling, gender-harmonizing silhouettes of Lilia Litkovskaya. The Kiev native showed her label at Ukrainian Fashion week for the first time in 2009 and a series of bright stars have been lighting her way since, with a steady stream of “Best” recognition from Elle Style, Ukraine’s Best Fashion Awards, and the International Vogue Talents contest.


Aiming straight for the renegade woman who lives outside of any so-called gender box, but still revels in the sensual tactility that is her innate force, Litkovskaya’s woman is deeply in touch with her spirit, her essence of being. “I always look for someone with a sparkle in her eye, someone who can ignite the clothes, inhabit them. I love it when a woman interprets the clothes in her own way, filling them with her charisma. It brings a new life to the clothes.”


And indeed, Litkovskaya takes that sparkle and breathes it into all she creates. Her Eastern European heritage blends in the most artful way with her thoughtful, at times awe-some, fabric choices and her audacious vision for this timeless, sophisticated and independent woman’s wardrobe. That strong shouldered sequinned jacket (the one that goes with the long, straight skirt) may look like brightly coloured, shiny candy, but run your fingers over those sequins and suddenly you’re stroking some mysterious, mythic sea-creature that reveals its pearlescent white underside, allowing you to create fantastical patterns with its scales. Hello, Modern Mermaid! And that nubby silk blend sweater may seem bulky, but to the touch it’s like the softest swaddling against the skin, and the carefully chosen cutaways leave us with clear affirmation that sexy has, thankfully, evolved.

Enjoy the enthralling, tactile creations of Lilia Litkovskaya at LECLAIREUR Sévigné.