Once upon a wish list — last minute gift ideas made in LECLAIREUR

Each day is a new journey, a gift, a surprise… right? Indeed. And an inherent sense of adventure in any situation is a quality our close ones naturally possess. As such, our Xmas gift list is for those who follow their dreams, assume their desires and seek out the rare in life. To find the perfect gift rendez-vous in our stores.


For gifts hued exotic, even in the city.

We’re all animals in the city, and sometimes, we need that reminder to reconnect with our inner jungle spirit. Here’s a selection that makes our hearts leap, race, struggle for freedom on the asphalt.

Philippe di Méo stirs our senses.
Olfactory genius of the century, the founder of Liquides Imaginaires has already offered our noses three trilogies of rare, moving perfumes. Peau de Bête, the stone that sits atop his sensorial pyramid, liberates the primordial at first whiff, evoking primal seduction and uninhibited animal instinct. It’s time to release the lions.
For whom? The objects of our desires.

Simper with style.
We can’t resist these lacquered wood Minaudières by Hamish Menzies, who’s been creating the perfect meld of modernity and tradition since 2006. Consciously chosen materials, a sustainable and equitable approach, unique, handmade pieces — they’re small, portable masterpieces.
For whom? The belle of the ball who’s also got brains.  

A pair of gloves that hit the mark.
We can thank Agnelle and LECLAIREUR for their technical and artisanal prowess, and combining them to bring us these exceptional, handmade alligator leather gloves. The quintessence of timeless luxury.
For whom? Lined in silk for a lustrous lady, lined in cashmere for a man of steel.

Rock ’n rare pearls.
Photographer Hugh Findletar originally won the art and design world over with his Oscar Zanetti inspired Flower Heads. Along his travels, he found raw Tahiti pearls in the shape of coffee beans, a reminiscence of his childhood in Jamaica. Findletar strung them together in search of new and sensational forms. The strands are imbibed with a strength and energy you feel from the moment you release the clasp, and the more you wear them, the more beautiful they become — a testament to your individual beauty. These one-of-a-kind PRLz are nature’s gift, and Hugh’s choice for LECLAIREUR.
For whom? That deep-diving friend and lover.

Skin deep beauty is good.
Joakin Echeverria grew up in his family’s leather workshop. So it’s hardly surprising that he’s devoted himself, since childhood, to the cult of gorgeous leatherwear. Of course he launched his own label, Azeia, which is remarkable for its craft, and meticulous, rigorous attention to detail. This perfect python pochette, like the rest of his collection, is made in Europe.
For whom? The loving, tactile lady.

Two good reasons to tighten the belt.
He worked for Armani and Moschino, among others, before creating his own House. Always driven by a love of leather work, Scunzani Ivo creates belts and bracelets that are simply beyond original and refined.
For whom? The Indian Jonses of luxury, of course.


For the jet-lagged jet set.

Tick tock, tick tock… the hands are spinning at a thousand miles per hour. Like the world. Like the mind of a jet-setter. From one plane to the other, from one continent to the next… When Christmas comes, how to satisfy the needs of a world-class traveler?

With high-precision machining, for prompt arrival.
The French Fob watch, a bit industrial and retro, practically steampunk, has integrated the mechanism’s elements into its design. Suspended by a chain or held to a leather cuff, it’s slick, and holds its ground.
The Orolog watch, on the other hand 😉 comes from the merging of Spanish design with Swiss watch quartz. It plays well with the textures of its band, its materials and the color of its square-shaped dial.
Why? For the object itself, as well as its androgynous allure.

With a handy-dandy pair of shades.
On the mountaintop or in the midst of a trek, can’t help but chase those rays of sun? Jacques Marie Mage, who’s been propelled into the spotlight by his French exigence and full-on-Hollywood fashion, has created spectacularly beautiful, UV-protected eyewear.
Too much Hollywood? Headed to Berlin, via Detroit? Opt for a pair of VAVAs with their post-modern, neo-industrial twist. The disruptive, reinvented forms frame the face like a masterpiece and offer a new perspective on the world around you.
How? Just like that, because in the past few years, niche, luxury eyewear has become the object of all our desires.

And the right case.
When it comes to pushing the envelope as far as possible, go all the way for Dajczman’s LB2 case. An original format invented by the designer himself, made in France and in a studio that’s highly secretive, the patented Firefly now exists in alligator skin. For LECLAIREUR Champs-Elysées, Dajczman has concocted an exclusive, limited edition, in colours and branding unique to the collab.
Why? Because we love to slip the LB2 through our fingers, and protect our precious frames.

With pleats that know how to travel.
Complex leather folds for the No No Yes wallets, and multifaceted, transformable bags from Issey Miyake: creations that arise with the sun and hit their stride in your wardrobe, or in your luggage. Adaptable, transmutable, like sublime origamis.
When? Yesterday, today, and tomorrow under the tree.


To give the gift of art, of rarity, and break away from the day-to-day.

Pragmatic, useful, easy: BOR-ING. These gifts are for the one who’s got “unreasonable” tattooed on her forearm (or his, but in dainty script of course), the one who prizes uniqueness and beauty over convenience, the one who loves to turn heads — the one who’s really got you going. How to make your mark?

With (not so) Heavy Metal.
Hard rock vibes meet Art Deco heritage in this Max Metal clutch by luxury designer Jill Haber. Custom cut plates of matte stainless steel and brass form 3D golden rays busting through a steely sky — a spectacular relief landscape of a purse, made in New York, New York.
For what? It’s up to you.

With Pop, and a strawberry on top.
What happens when a decorator impassioned by embroidery and contemporary art starts designing handbags? A collection called Preciously, that would make any Pop artist look twice. Conceived and lovingly created by mother of six — yes, six! — Carole Tessier, these numbered, limited-edition velvet bags, created exclusively for and co-branded LECLAIREUR, are replete with Swarovski crystal beading and precision embroidery. To Enjoy, chained or clutched.
For what? To get them to look twice, or thrice, of course.

With smoke in the eyes.
Known for her XXL rose-cut stones and avant-garde style, Lebanese jewellery designer Rosa Maria has been creating precious, mystical metal wear since 1998. We are swooning over this smoky quartz, three-ring diamond encrusted, matte silver set pendant — and we think someone you love would be, too.
For what? Diamonds, especially those surrounding a stunning smoky quartz, are forever, Friend.

With a woman of a thousand faces.
And a leap into the unknown. When Piero Fornasetti started drawing the face of 19th century operatic soprano Lina Cavalieri, he had no idea that it, that she, would become his signature image — he simply “began to make them and never stopped.” Fornasetti’s comic, seductive, surrealist porcelain editions span decorative plates, candles, trays, vases and more, and you can find the world’s biggest selection of them at LECLAIREUR Boissy d’Anglas.
For what? For-nasetti! For real.

With a multi-motif wrap for any mood.
It’s lightweight yet warm as can be, beautiful, and created with a thoughtfulness that both inspires and soothes. Pierre Louis Mascia’s scarves emerge from a process that involves all sorts of analog reflection and action — textiles and worn book pages are but a few of the patterns that go into his collages, which are later edited until the perfect color and pattern harmony is achieved.
For what? To keep your beloveds colourfully cozy.


For soft landings.

Sometimes, all you need is that special something for that special someone, something that makes the world a little softer, a little warmer.

Try a little tenderness
There’s no such thing as too many scarves, and Faliero Sarti’s beauties just beg to be informally wrapped around your neck. His collaboration with LECLAIREUR makes a welcome addition to an already head-turning collection. Stunning woven patterns mix cashmere, cotton and silk, twisting graphic lines and toying with our logo. It’s getting hot in here.
Why? Because it’s a cold world out there, baby.

Cold no more
Perfect design, when it comes to such an essential and low-key and slouch-loving creation, is key. Warm-Me uses only the best cashmere for style and comfort, and makes sure it’s handmade in Nepal and the Tyrol mountains for extra authenticity, taking it up that indispensable extra notch. It’s this urban cool, cosmopolitan item that spawned 40000 addicts around the world in a matter of days.
You’ll also flutter at the touch of any Elder Stateman beanies. Likewise, only the best cashmere and yes, the handmade touch. Their founder, Greg Chait, seeks minimalism and modernity, infused with a West Coast vibe that will illuminate just about any grey winter day.
Why? Because keeping a cool head is so passé, darling.

Wrapped around your fingers
Monika Rab fell in love with Stockholm in 2006. The city, the country, the culture. She founded Imoni with three Swedish designers to develop a brand that reflects a Swede’s sense of style and uber-coolness, with extraordinary hints of color, leather and fur. Her gloves are exceptional accessorizing pieces.
Why? Because a kiss on the hand is quite continental, honey.

Hold your head high
Rolando Barbisio started making hats in 1862. Around that time, the manufacture of made in Italy hats was soaring. Coincidence? We think not. Today, the family heirs make a point of honoring tradition by creating timeless hats with a retro allure. Think handcrafted excellency at this wonderful time of the year. Fall for Barbisio.
If you’re in need of a more dramatic and edgy touch, try Horisaki, helmed by a distinctively inspired Japanese-Swedish couple. Their hat designs are unseen, the patina technique surpasses anything you’ve experienced, and the result is nothing short of avant-guarde.
Why? Because hats off, hats, on, and let’s take the world by storm, chérie.