FALIERO SARTI – Lightness as a legacy

Monica Sarti’s definition and conception of material, stems from « all of her family’s knowledge and traditional approach which has been theirs for the past seventy years », and from the clear understanding that such weaving expertise and technique must be fiercely preserved, especially in times like ours – a time that sees everything, including craftsmanship, get lost in dismal high-speed processing. And while the trend was well on its way, when she was appointed head of the family company in 1991, Faliero Sarti’s granddaughter sought to stir a revolution without betraying her heritage, choosing to specialize in the creation and production of scarves, light keffiyehs and other fabrics refined spirits yearning for a soft touch in summer or winter.image003

FALIERO SARTI Collection for women

Faithful, consciously mixing the old and the new, Monica Sarti selects treasured patterns from her great father’s archives, burning, if not tearing holes in the material, allowing the textile to maintain a mathematical structure, symmetric and weightless. The textile’s movement is graceful and light when innocently thrown around the neck. The knit is fluid, hazy, marked by an elegant sensuality which attracts the present moment and imprints it with an instantaneous eternity, much like memories held onto, from past journeys or adventures to to welcome.image004

Softness, sensuality, colors, from silk, raw wool or cashmere : specialized since… well, since forever, in the production of precious fabrics, the company created by Faliero Sarti in 1948 caught LECLAIREUR’s eye early in the game, before steadily growing, gaining the favors of Vivienne Westwood or Ann Demeulemeester, first, followed by Haute Couture and prêt-à-porter. Recently enough, the Sarti maison found a particular context to express itself freely. Monica Sarti’s recent participation in the SHIGOTO PROJECT’s Chapter One is a testament to the family’s absolute principle of tradition, and the project itself an endeavor which Monica hailed as « a fantastic evolution for LECLAIREUR (…), a way to enable clothing to experience a very specific and personal transformation. »image005

To travel light, to expand one’s horizons, sailing where the wind blows, carried by dreams, able to look through the windows of the past and yet leap into the unknown… Faliero Sarti is all that, and more. Wraps as light as clouds, scarves like wings, all headed straight into the blue sky and beyond.

Faliero Sarti’s scarves are available in all LECLAIREUR spaces.