CÔTE & CIEL – Against all odds

Côte & Ciel offers its name like a precious present, almost a tribute, to the forces that come to meet, at the only point where the sky reaches the earth above the ocean. Forces, and a sense of infinity that one feels instantaneously when looking at any of the Parisian label pieces. Côte & Ciel invents bags unlike any other, hybrid, bringing typically French tradition and refined quality together with the highest technology understanding.



It all started back in 2008, when a team of souls with unlimited creativity decided to join their powerful minds and create protective pieces, with an astonishing and edgy design — bags made to shelter our essential made in Apple smart objects. Quickly enough, the success of Côte et Ciel’s creations went far beyond the initial project and ignited a collaboration with the Paris-based Croatian prêt-à-porter designer Damir Doma.
Together, they chose materials that could dance and slide, closed with sharp angles and controlled pleats. Today still, cuts are clear, very architectural, zippers are large, strong looking, urban. Yet, these bags cannot be reduced to their obvious urbanite look.


Côte & Ciel clames its link to Mother Nature, yes, and considering that without Her, none of us would be around, the label knows what it owes Her. The designers work on gravity and volume by studying nature and biologic systems. With an open mind as their motto, their work philosophy has led them to observe and study both the form and functionality amidst two worlds that usually don’t interact with each other often enough: the industrial and natural worlds.



Côte et Ciel thinks its cuts like the extension of the silhouette itself, as one with the rest of the body. The shell, soft and solid at the same time, was designed to protect our ultra modern and smart objects, amplifying their ability to become extended version of ourselves. They adapt to any environnement, however hostile, yet hopefully friendly enough.cote&ciel_FW17_riss

Convinced yet? There’s more. The collections are unisex and the sizes of the pieces playfully adapt to all morphologies. Italian leather mixes with materials created to resist both wind and erosion, with cotton canvases, that are woven and dyed grey, dark like the Nile’s granites, or rough and strong like lava basalt.

Welcome to a unique world, between Heaven and Earth, and discover Côte et Ciel at LECLAIREUR.