Anrealage: A Revolution of Kaleidoscopic Reflection

Every designer has a guiding creative process, respective, if not unique, to him or herself. Kunihiko Morinaga is no exception. A Tokyo native, Morinaga studied at Waseda University and the Vantan Design Institute before founding cult Japanese label Anrealage, which he first showed in 2006, also in his home town. Since, the highly conceptual creative director has brought us compelling, curious, even revolutionary collections that push the boundaries of textile tech and form. As he once told Italian Vogue, “I think that there is both a science technology and a human technology in technology. I am interested in making clothes by crossing over these two different technologies.” And cross over, he does.


On the heels of “The Force” series that paid hommage to the epic intergalactic characters and themes of Star Wars, Morinaga continues to explore the contrast between the light and dark sides of nature, of the universe, and how to weave this philosophical subject through his creations in an (almost literally) electrifying manner. The concept informing Anrealage’s SS16 collection is “Reflect” and the pieces tell the concept’s stories, magically. As always the pieces are intriguing, intricately sculptural, and made from reflective textiles that have relatively neutral appearances by day — the palette seems to be beiges and subtle plaid patterns. Once darkness falls however, these garments tell a whole different story, under black light or merely absorbing the flash of cameras, and revealing spectacular, kaleidoscopic, bursts of light and motifs. Welcome to Morinaga’s psychedelic party.



Anrealage’s cerebral approach to fashion is imbibed with this purely artistic explorative philosophy. French writer and poet Aragon once wrote that « without dark, there can be no light ». Indeed.

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