In the purest Greek tradition, Afroditi Hera is known for her mind-blowing garments, which she infuses with ancestral emotions: flowing gowns, ample dresses, embellished togas. To slip in one of them is to slip in what dreams are made of.


Rising from the Mediterranean blue to step on the Cyprian coast, the fashion designer finds inspiration in Aphrodite, goddess of love, and Hera, the empowered feminine deity. To express her gratitude, she creates precious necklaces and adorned plastrons, crafted like so many treasures, that beam with mystical energies. While her über-feminine line is all about aerial fabrics, close to the designer’s origins, she’s also been working with leather, finding ways to render it supple, transformable, reinventing it, and using it to add even more contrast to her creations.



In turn muse, amazon and queen, the Afroditi Hera woman revels in these statement dresses, that flow down to the floor with refinement and leave her free to float up Mount Olympus. An invincible priestess of femininity, she glides like the wind along the corridors of secret temples, her dress dancing to each of her movements. Hypnotic, tribal patterns, geometrical shapes and wavy lines vividly blossom on the full-length gowns, flooding our daydreams with charm and strength.

Light up the room in Afroditi Hera’s footsteps, at Leclaireur Boissy d’Anglas.